Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Matrix: the Honeycomb Stairs

I stayed up until 1.24 am doing this, so I hope it's OK..! Anyway, here is my first matrix! I was unsure over whether to do one for both the stairs my team and I designed, but since we were asked for 3 and there are 3 in a group I figured we should just each pick a stair an do one... since I believe this will be more useful at the end of semester for the individual assessments anyway.
I tried to keep the colours consistent with the rest of our Between 2 Walls presentation, since it will be pinned up along side with all of our work from the past few weeks.
This was quite fun to do actually, and I even learnt some new skills regarding vectors! I tried properly downloading Adobe Illustrator onto my laptop today but it didn't work for some reason, so for now I'll try to learn that particular program from studio... anyway, it is bed time for me now, methinks!

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