Saturday, 4 August 2012


Here are some textures myself and my team ended up getting from around our site on tracing paper by doing rubbings with charcoal. I never thought I'd be going around doing rubbings at university!

I really liked the geometric nature of these textures, found on the ground near a pedestrian crossing.

We ended up using this for our city site hotel. Our city site hotel was quite open and its walls have many lines going in different directions, so we thought that this texture would accompany the overall feel of our structure quite well.

This was the texture we decided to incorporate on the interior of our Island site hotel. The island site hotel is all about deception of sorts, with the inside being different than what would be expected from viewing the exterior. Since the interior is all about curves, we thought that this texture would be perfect, since it has a kind of dizzying, almost spiral aspect to it.

A brick texture

A tree bark texture

We've kept copies of all the other textures we didn't use, since not only do we like them, but they may come in handy in the future.

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