Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Gradual Escape

The Honeycomb Stairs are an escape.
Transporting oneself from the geometries of the city to the geometries of the stairs.
Ascending a gentle slope to a gentler place.
Escaping our dystopian reality for the utopian hotel.

Our Honeycomb stairs act as the initial introduction to our Waiheke Island inspired, city site hotel. We want them to immediately place the traveller in a sense of calmness and safety. Although just as geometrical as the city, the Honeycomb stairs incorporate a different kind of geometry, an organic, complex geometry, a mimicry of a bee's honeycomb.  This geometry also acts as a safety net, as it gives the traveller a firm tread on which to place their feet. The wide stairs and gradual slope all help to make this a very peaceful, safe feeling stair. One can walk slowly up, feeling the small solids and voids, and the slight angles beneath their feet.

The calm feeling instilled by these stairs is enhanced once the traveller reaches the top. The Honeycomb Stairs act as the entrance to our Waiheke Island inspired plant room, which, in turn, acts as the over all entrance for the hotel. The proximity of the stairs to the plant room is supposed to give the traveller a more gradual sense of becoming enveloped in feeling of the island. Upon stepping on the Honeycomb steps they leave behind the city and instantly feel calmer and safer. Upon stepping off the Honeycomb steps the traveller becomes completely immersed in the wild and peaceful feeling of the plant room and the over all hotel.

The Honeycomb Stairs act as the first step in a journey of escape.

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