Friday, 31 August 2012

Jellyfish Aerial Silk

I've been thinking about how people could ride our jellyfish lantern, and thought about aerial silk. I quickly whipped this up in photoshop to try to convey the free feeling one would experience if travelling in such a way.
 People could be tied and secured firmly to the lanterns tails. This means that the scale of lantern would have to be quite immense in comparison to a person. Being attached in this way to the vehicle would also mean that the rider of the lantern would experience everything, swaying in the wind, breezes and weather conditions. This freedom can be thought of as utopian, as they would get to see the glory of the world from up high and really feel the world around them.
Issues with this would be that they could only travel in this manner in clear ways, and the issue of balance would once more have to be addressed as having only one person, for example, would off throw the lantern's centre of gravity.

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