Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hotel Research

The Apeiron: a high-tech hotel with an organic shape

The Apeiron will be a 7-star jungle themed hotel in offshore Dubai. Intended to be a paradice on earth, a butterfly jungle will be have a regulated temperature and humidity in order to make it a relaxing space.

The Apeiron is intended to be something different: “ the apeiron, from which elements [are formed] , is something that is different”. So stated Anaximander of Miletus (610-656 B.C.) and this is why the hotel was named thus.

The hotel will also include an underwater sculpted landscape and louvres to keep out direct sunlight. These louvers, as well as the ribbon frames that make up the fa├žade,  will be made up of solar cells. Apeiron also means infinity, which links to these solar cells on the ribbon frames.

Something different to our norm: the underwater hotel in Dubai

This is a planned luxury hotel right next to the Burj Al-Arab which has the aim of giving its clients true peace and relaxation. This hotel aims to have a calm and tranquil environment, however some people may feel constantly on edge being underwater. Nevertheless, this is truly an escape. This hotel is something completely different to our norm, where we can experience a different world.

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