Friday, 31 August 2012

Possible Interior

Here is a possible interior for our Waiheke inspired, city site hotel. We thought of having rooms grouped together in hexagonal pods, linking the interior of our hotel to our honeycomb stairs. These hexagonal pods also form columns, so we could have more than one within the hotel, with space in between them that could be used for other things. Since hexagons have diagonal walls you cannot see into them properly unless you are standing at a certain angle. This means that these rooms will be both open and private at the same time. The pods are made up of two hexagons, a smaller one within a larger one. The smaller hexagon contains a bathroom area whereas the outside larger hotel is the room itself. We still need to consider how many we want, what scale we want them at, and how they would be linked both to each other, the fa├žade of the hotel, and the ground.

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