Sunday, 15 July 2012

Starting ArchiCAD

We actually started using ArchiCAD last semester for ARCHDRC 102 (you can see the treehouses myself and my team mates created at my media blog here: ARCHDRC 102) but we were told that we would be using it in more depth this semester.

I actually don't have design until tomorrow morning, but it's always best to start learning software as early as possible (if you want to download your free version under an education licence you can do so here at the official graphisoft website: Free ArchiCAD education licence) so I downloaded it and played around with it in the semester break. At first (as far as I recall) you get a 1 month licence but you can apply for a 1 year one and extend it each subsequent year while you're studying (whether at high school or university, it doesn't really matter so long as you're a student). I'm doing some more major practice tonight mainly because my memory is awful so I'd like to make sure that the things I learnt are still fresh in my mind. There are lots of tutorials all over the place including on the graphisoft website, but I have mainly been looking at a series of YouTube videos starting with this one: Basic Training Lesson 1.

Anyway, I'm back to it now. The first day of semester has been good so far by the way. My ARCHHTC 102 class seems like it's going to be very interesting even if it is rather annoying timetable wise- 8am starts 3 times a week. That's fine really for me since I live close to uni, but for the students living in places like North Shore it must be dreadful. I'm quite fond of history though and if it's related to architecture then even better! Basically, I'm really looking forward to this next semester!

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