Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn!

Just some quick, basic research on hotels I whipped up for design tomorrow. I'll be updating this with more research later. This page just includes two articles from the journals I was looking at for media last semester as well as some basic info on different types of hotels and some imagery... because pictures are so pwetty.  I found some really cool hotels too, like they're going to build a hotel in Dubai that's mostly underwater. I think I would personally be too scared to stay there though...

Oh yes- and on another, unrelated note, I love how blogger gives me stats about how many views my individual posts are getting etc. I always liked this about websites such as deviantART, but blogger is even more thorough. I especially like how it tells me what country my viewers are from. (I'm amazed people are actually interested in the work of an ickle first year..!) I'm not surprised to say that most of my viewers are from New Zealand, since that's where I'm at and they probably heard about it from me. I had one page view from Germany (that was probably my stalking mother, haha!) but actually I get my second most page views from the US! I'm pretty surprised about this! Also, my post with the most views so far is the one with my Sustainable Retrofit Essay. This I also find quite surprising, haha!
 On this note, please check out the poll I have now included to the left of this post... just because I find the way the internet works incredibly interesting and because I have a huge ego.

Anyway, time for me to go to beddy-byes. 8am lecture tomorrow!

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