Sunday, 29 July 2012

My first laser cut

After 3 days of working on the file (and figuring out how to use illustrator!) my design team (Studio L.I.M.) finally collected the first laser cut pieces for our plant room. They're like a puzzle! Our idea is that the plant room should look like a simple shape on the outside, but be more complex within, linking in with Manu's theme of deception and illusion. This is enhanced by the fact that each opposite wall has bars in the exact reverse to the other side, so that when you view the elevations straight on it appears to be a solid, as opposed to two walls, so the viewer's perception of distance is compromised by our illusion. The thin bars make it easier to look out then in, similar to the façade on Jean Nouvel's Institute du monde arabe in Paris. They would also create interesting shadows within the space, similar to those cast by Manu's needle model representing claustrophobia. Combined with the almost cage-like bars, give a dystopian, claustrophobic air to the space.
We also wanted a movable roof, with sliding rafters that can also act as shelves for plants to sit on. Having a roof that is able to move means that the lighting conditions of the space can be altered, which is important as plants will need lots of light. There are also spaces within the exterior walls where shelves can be slid into, with just their ends sticking out the sides, hinting at the interior.

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