Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sustable Retrofit Assignment

Since I want this to be a rather thorough record of my life at architecture school, here are the pages of sustainability assignment from last semester. There are like actual some really bad errors with it, all I can say is that no matter how confusing it sounds at first, START IT IMMEDIATELY. No one in my year did because the instructions were so vague and coming from a rubbish system like NCEA you just don't expect it, so we all thought we'd get more explanation later on or something... but you don't really. Just start it and then it will get easier as you figure things out yourself.
I had some MAJOR errors with the sun and even while I was doing this assignment I was thinking I should probably remove the roof pond... I went though my notes and couldn't find anything saying that I ought to, although I kind of remembered it being mentioned that they don't work well with green roofs. Since I couldn't find any concrete evidence I decided to leave it in, but obviously my memory was better than my notes (for once!) so I should have listened to myself as I got marked down for this. Still, I got an alright mark for this and I really enjoyed doing this assignment, so I'm happy! I'm not sure if this will interest anyone else though, but here it is, anyway... for my archival purposes, if not for anything else!

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