Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Vector arena often holds huge concerts and therefore there can be vast crowds in this particular area of our city site. With this in mind, I considered the cramped atmosphere of a crowd, and how it is possible to feel very uncomfortable and isolated, even within such a large sea of people. I tried to express this lonely, almost claustrophobic, feeling by reducing the saturation of the majority of the image, leaving only a single person highlighted. Alone, this person is unique. However the people in the crowd just fade into the background, as if insignificant, and it is this emotion and atmosphere that I am trying to convey here.

The atmosphere of being stuck or around excessive traffic is oppressive. The speed, noise and crowdedness can be quite overwhelming, especially when one is in a rush. I tried to reflect this by taking of series of photographs of the city site during rush hour, and altering the speed of the frames, so that the blurrier photos, showing more of the speed of the vehicles, would be played faster. These frames contain some of the sense of dizziness that one feels when observing traffic rushing by. I added recordings of city noise over the video to truly enhance the feeling that occurs when one is in the almost oppressive feeling environment that is the city in rush hour.

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