Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Architectural Promenade

Since his time drawing in Athens, Le Corbusier had an idea of the architectural promenade- having to walk around a building first, admiring it, before being able to stand before it and understand it as a whole. (We learnt this in history! :))
We were intrigued with this idea, especially in relation to the cable car vehicle- the cable car vehicle is all about pushing the limits. Escaping with this vehicle is not meant to be an easy thing- you have to really want it. Therefore, if we don't allow it to stop at the front of the building it means the travellers would have to go just a little bit further before finally having escaped.
It also enhances the journey of the lantern- the lantern travels at a slow rate, forcing the traveler to experience everything; to really see what they are escaping from, and maybe considering whether this scenery is really dystopian at all. Having the lantern not land right at the entrance enhances this, since it means that upon disembarking, the travellers have another slow journey to go, a journey in which they also must experience everything; experiencing what it is like to finally arrive at their destination and allowing them to consider whether their destination is actually much better than what they left behind.
Hence we want both our cable car and lantern to stop at the back of our Waiheke inspired hotel.

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