Wednesday, 12 September 2012

McIntosh Timber Laminates Ltd

This Wednesday we our group (group C) went on a field trip to McIntosh Timber Laminates.

McIntosh Timber Laminates produce all sorts of structural elements; columns and beams etc. which they mostly import to building sites overseas.
We were all equipped with hi-viz vests, hard hats and wellington boots. By the time I got to the wellies, they didn't have many sizes left, so I ended up waddling around in one size 6

 The sort of cool stuff McIntosh Timber Laminates Ltd can construct. I can't get over how much they can bend the wood!

 This is where the magic happens!
 Some joints being created in the wood. These pieces will be shipped down to Christchurch for the earthquake recovery rebuild of the city.
Curved wood!

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