Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Possible vehicles routes

Scale 1:250,000
We won't touch those murky waters.
Here are some possible routes for our vehicles to take. The cable car, being a manually operated and physically demanding vehicle, should have several stops. Here a possible path is depicted with the white line, going from Auckland to Devonport, to Browns Island, to Rangitoto Island, to Motuihe Island, and finally to our site in Waiheke.
The lantern could take several paths, probably depending on wind directions on different days, but it would have a more direct route, which is what I have tried to illustrate here with the black line.
We will escape from it all, up, up and away.
Since both vehicles will take a path that is elevated off the ground, this will give make the travellers see the world around them- a last glimpse of the world they are trying to escape, and their destination floating into their perspectives.

"For the first time, as he steered the glider across the bridge, Halloway could see the cars, hundreds of the dusty vehicles lining the quaysides, parked in the empty side-streets on flattened tyres. Immense roads ran everywhere, causeways of steel and concrete that moved like some kind of serpentine sculpture through complex interchanges." -Extract from J.B. Ballard's Ultimate City, describing Halloway's experience of travelling from above.

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