Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hotel Section

I took a section off the ArchiCAD file of the Waiheke inspired hotel constructed by myself and Andy ( and then put it into photoshop. Originally I was very silly and put it on Waiheke! This hotel is inspired by Waiheke but sited in Auckland. Silly me!
Anyway, after that I got things right and put it in its correct location... and gave Andy this background just in case he wants to use it for the city inspired hotel section. Here is the final piece:
The backgrounds of both images are both from photos I took, by the way. The Waiheke image was from the ferry on the way to Waiheke, and the Auckland image is the view from my common room at my hall of residence! Pretty nice view, right? :D Once more, I can't believe how much I've improved with Photoshop this year! Anyway, it's 7pm... time to go eat some dinner I think...

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