Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Draft Review of ArchiBJZ

Trial and error, Ju An Teo, of ArchiBJZ told us, was the key to their work, 2 Vehicles.
ArchiBJZ went through a rather long process in order to produce their final outcomes: two vehicles; one rather elegant looking decorated lantern and a very effective bottle rocket. They also put great effort into their process, something which we learnt a lot from.

They experimented with using natural materials to renovate the cheap flying lantern, by cutting patterns out of seaweed, which were intended to reflect upon a utopian society, and sticking them onto the top of their lantern. This, they informed us with a rather beautiful description, would not only bring environmental ideas into their design, but also transformed the interior experience of the space. The travellers would be high up in the air enjoying life, tilting softly as they travel slowly between the sites. Light would shine onto their lantern as it transported their travellers, and the seaweed on its exterior would create shadows within, enhancing the interior space. This lantern would take off from a landing platform which had been equally considered; A screen around the space was designed to prevent wind from affecting the lighting of the paraffin, and they mimicked the city scape using a section of a hairbrush modelled in 123D Catch.

Their second vehicle, a bottle rocket, created a contrasting experience. With the aim of creating something that didn't need to be held, ArchiBJZ developed this rocket, which works with pressure, shooting away after being pressurised with water. The speed of the rocket contrasts with the relaxing experience of the lantern, hurtling the travellers to their destination in a parabolic manner. The path their rocket takes was shown on an extremely carefully drawn map, handdrawn on an A2 page with lots of intricate contour lines. The seaweed they had floating in their rocket not only linked this vehicle with the aesthetics of the lantern, but also created a lava lamp like effect. ArchiBJZ also got to make use of one of their transmaterials, moulded silicon, to create a cork for this rocket.

We learnt a lot from ArchiBJZ, who put a lot of effort into their process, which really showed how much trial and error had been a significant factor for them.

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