Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Closing public blog access

Dear readers (if there are any of you, haha. I admit I made this blog mostly so I could keep track of things myself), I will be closing public access to this blog.

Unfortunately, a piece of my ARCHDRC 202 work was stolen off my blog last semester and used by another student in their portfolio. Therefore, I sadly need to close this blog to most users. As much as I love seeing what gets looked at the most, and getting feedback every now and then, it is not worth the risk of having my work plagiarised.

Anyway, to the point of this post: if you are interested in continuing to see my posts, you need to send me your email address. Then I can save your email address in the settings here, which will allow you access. You can send me your email address either in a comment on this post (if you are comfortable posting such a thing on the internet... although it's true that once I close public access to the blog only other authorised blog readers will be able to see the comments) or in a message on my facebook page. I'm afraid, that since I don't want to risk this happening again, I will be limiting blog access to people I personally know (not including the other student who took my work, obviously haha). But I doubt that many strangers look at this anyway :P (Although sometimes I'm very surprised by the page views! O.o)

So, how long do you have to request access? Well, actually forever... once it is closed blogger will still give you the option to request access. However, I will be leaving the blog open for now so this post can be seen. Since I am currently on an exchange in Germany (oh yes... had this not happened I would have already written a post about this, I guess I will get to that later!), I don't actually start university until October 1st, so it's unlikely I'll want to post any work until then. Therefore the blog will remain publicly open until then, and you can comment on this blogpost until then (although obviously you can send me a message on facebook after then too! :P)

I hope you are all well, and viele grüße aus Deutschland :)

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