Sunday, 7 April 2013

T.E.F.S.C.A. Improvements

We took our precedent (our dwelling, in my case my apartment) and went about improving it. First, I identified the problems with T.E.F.S.C.A., then loaded the current construction materials on the Insul software to see what their STC ratings probably are. Then, I looked at the apartment in terms of organisation, and did two bubble diagrams, one for the current situation and one for the ideal situation. Looking at the ideal situation, I devised an improved plan.
Then, taking from the research I acquired from a variety of sources cited on the bottom right on the page, I added improvements to the apartment, mainly in terms of acoustics, but also in terms of comfort and socialisation. I focused mainly on material quality and details.
For our mid-term crit, I will be fixing this page up. Although I got good feedback for my presentation, there are a few things I would like to add, and a couple simple things I wish to change, e.g. some details to the plan and I need to darken some of the text for legibility purposes.

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